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 Lets do the Time--- I mean Warp world again!

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PostSubject: Lets do the Time--- I mean Warp world again!   Fri Jan 16, 2009 11:51 am

So here it goes, I wanna make things stupidly rough for people in Multiplayer games...

take a looksie.

Forest x 8
Mountain x 8
City of Brass x 4
Grand Colloseum x 2-4 (unsure)

Warpworld x 4

Honden of Cleansing Fire x 1
Honden of Seeing winds x 1
Honden of Night's Reach x 1
Honden of Infinite Rage x 1
Honden of Life's Web x 1
Utopia Sprawl x 4
Cowardice x 1
Pandemonium x 1
Grip of Chaos x 1
Worship x 1
Death Pits of Rath x 1
Ivory Mask x 1
War's Toll x 1
Engineered Plague x 1
Night of Souls' Betrayal x 1
Furnace of Rath x 1
Form of the Dragon x 1
Intruder Alarm x 1
Words of Wilding x 1

Birds of Paradise x 4

Basically, get as many permanents on the field, accelerate to Warpworld, screw up the game, and laugh maniacally. Its versitile because I can swap any creatures and any enchantments. Gimme suggesstions for fun enchants/creats to throw in here. Very Happy

I Play Black/Black/With a Black Splash
I am the culler of legends and the one who turns heroes into no more.

"Beast. Defiler. The source of all my pain"
-Ihsan's Shade on Baron Sengir
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Lets do the Time--- I mean Warp world again!
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