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 Fun Black Legacy Deck

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PostSubject: Fun Black Legacy Deck   Sat Jan 23, 2010 8:38 pm

Don't expect this to be competitive but it does some damage.

Creatures - 16

4x Ravenous Rats
4x Rotting Rats
4x Hypnotic Specter
2x Gruul Draz Specter
2x Abyssal Nocturnus

Spells - 22

4x Thoughtseize
4x Extripate
4x Duress
2x Consume Spirit
4x Haunting Echoes
4x Dark Ritual

Lands (22)

4x Crypt of Agadeem
18x Swamp

Mana Curve

1 Cast - 16
2 Cast - 10
3 Cast -6
4 Cast - 2
5 Cast - 4

This deck has an amazingly quick mana curve, more so with Dark Ritual being allowed in legacy play. The point obviously is deck and hand control with most of the cards forcing discard (22 cards in deck) and the Abyssal actually gets pumped when an oppoenent discards a card. But the other beauty of this deck is that cards like Extripate and Haunting Echoes can be played fast and early using Crypt and Dark Ritual and really cripple an opponents deck. It's all out balls to the wall attack and go as there is really no removal main board. Consume Spirit makes a nice possible seconday finisher. Another option to make this deck quick is to play 2 copies of the Nezumi Bone-Reader over the Abyssal as you can sac out your other rats for extra discard and pump the Crypt ... or you can run two copies of Okiba-Gang Shinobi and try and bounce your rats back to your hand with Ninjutsu to allow them to come in and force more discard.

It's a fairly fast deck that can beat an opponent down, control their hand, and really cripple their main win conditions early in the game. It's more of a casual legacy play deck and likely wouldn't stand up against total tier but it's fun none the less and if you do a little rearranging it can actually turn into a pretty neat little Rat or Specter tribal deck to fool around with. Anyway hope some people like it or give thoughts on it.
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Black Legacy Deck   Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:08 pm

Yes I realize this is technically necromancy even though its only 3rd from the top, but Nyxathid might be a good choice for this deck...

its 3 for a 7/7 that gets -1/-1 in a chosen opponents hand, by turn 2/3 youd likely be getting a 4/4 or bigger because of the amount of discard you have..

like a turn one dark ritual, duress, ravenous rats, and a turn two thoughtseize would be a great set up for this creature
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Black Legacy Deck   Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:25 am

Common no mind twist or hymn to tourach.

HYMN is so good
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Black Legacy Deck   

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Fun Black Legacy Deck
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